Why I love WordPress – website design for non-geeks

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I’m in awe of those amazingly talented web designers who spend years in their bedrooms and uni learning and perfecting their super computer coding powers to create fancy websites that are beautiful and magnificent things to behold. But, does that mean website design for non-geeks (like me) is mission impossible?

Well, no. Thanks to WordPress, even my limited tech skills were enough to create my own websites and sites for other people.

What is WordPress? Simply put, it’s a user-friendly software that allows you to design your own website without having to code (program) everything first. It’s easy to edit and add content to, plus it has a built-in blogging platform, making it a great choice for the self-employed or small business owner, who wants a presence on the web they they can control themselves.

Reasons why I love WordPress

1. Ease of use

WordPress makes managing your website much easier than ever before. In no time, first time users can learn how to properly add blogs, pages and even photos to the site. All without requiring the help of a Webmaster.

2. Manage your site from any device

Whether you’re on the go and only have access to a smartphone or you’re at your home office – you can edit your site anywhere, anytime.

3. No code editing required

Tasks such as adding content like blogs, newsletters, FAQ, etc, can be done without having to enter code – no need to be a computer programmer!

4. You control your site

Looking to make changes to the site on your own or have an employee do it for you? No problem! WordPress allows you the ability to add new users and assign them specific guidelines so they can’t possibly mess up your site.

5. The site grows as you grow

As your business grows and more information needs to be added to your site, it can easily be done as WordPress is meant to handle sites of just a few pages up to thousands upon thousands of unique pages and blogs. Big or small there’s always a space for your business on WordPress.

So, if you are considering setting up a website for your new business, or you want a site that you have more control over, I would definitely recommend WordPress.

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